I love the way that an old song can evoke a specific memory from years back and how a smell can remind us of an event from our childhood.

Our 5 senses act as a powerful trigger to return us to the past. It can catch us unaware at times when a song will come on the radio and we are transported back to that time and place where the memory lives. At times we can trigger a nostalgic memory from a taste or specific smell experienced from childhood. Artefacts and memorabilia that we touch can place us back in time. 


As a mixed media artist and using the medium of photography, drawing, collage, textiles & printmaking my work explores the theme of Identity, Memory, Time and Place. I love old buildings and how they have a story to tell of what has gone before. By using collected materials, artefacts and ephemera as a starting point my objective is to connect our senses to a distant and maybe forgotten memory.  

I love working with the old processes in photography with the old manual film cameras and then processing and playing with the negatives in the darkroom. I have also been experimenting with cyanotype as you don’t need a darkroom just the sun to expose some wonderful images. There is then nothing better that I like to do than to experiment and work across the mediums of textiles, paint, drawing and printing in all its guises to incorporate into my work. 

Living on the beautiful North coast of Cornwall I am aware of the problem that we have with plastic pollution in our oceans. There are regular Beach Cleans around our coastline quite often focusing on the micro plastics that are sadly in wide abundance.  I am always thinking and finding out about new ways to recycle the single use plastics and packaging waste that is all around us. I would love to share my ideas and ways of incorporating it into my work with you. 

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