Give yourself the time everyday to do what you love.

Find your passion & nourish your soul

by creating a mixed media sketchbook.

Now more than ever I feel that it is important to give yourself the time each day to concentrate on your own thoughts, ideas and creativity. In these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in I have found that by spending some time each day on a creative activity it is good for the soul.
I love having a sketchbook on the go and this last year I have found it a real escape from a busy work schedule to come up to my office/studio and have some creative time. I started a little mixed media sketchbook to be able to do a little bit every day even if it was for just 10 minutes. I felt a sense of calm and satisfaction allowing myself that time to create. ​It has made a huge difference in my current work as I now have something tangible that has all my ideas in one place. In turn it inspires me when I look back on them to develop those ideas into art work. 

  • Reawaken your creativity and learn a variety of techniques to build a wonderful sketchbook portfolio of ideas and inspiration.

  • Easy to follow examples using many materials and resources that you have around you.

  • Inspired by the artists Picasso, Braque & Schwitters who used the discarded remnants of everyday life in their work.


Things can get in the way and I want to show you a way to use a lot of what you have around you and make some time to create. Find your happy place! 

  • Do you crave the time to be able to be creative and get back to your art practice? 

  • Do you miss being in the mix and getting the buzz of a creative environment? 

  • Are you wondering how you can get started? Would you like some ideas and projects to get you inspired? 

  • Is it a long time since you did anything creative? 

  • Do you need to get a sketchbook or portfolio of your work ready for an Access course, College or University? 

  • Would you like to have at least 10 minutes a day to be calm and doing something mindful but also be accountable and have a weekly task set?

What is included? 

  • Task sheets emailed to you each week with flexible learning and a variety of tasks & projects to complete.  

  • An experienced tutor and lecturer in Art & Design at FE and HE level.

  • Feedback with 1 to 1 support available. 

  • Research on artists that have worked in mixed media, a movement in history and contemporary artists to be able to contextualise and talk confidently about how it relates to and informs your own work.

  • Skills lessons on various printmaking techniques that can be done with minimal equipment e.g. Mono, Collograph, Lino, Eraser/block, Cyanotype, Digital darkroom techniques, Simple etching techniques using acrylic sheet or tetrapaks. 

  • Various artist's book designs including how to make the popular accordion zines and fold up books.

  • Getting rid of that white space that stops you creating and getting you off the starting blocks. Building up the grounds with paint, fabric, paper and ephemera.

  • Private #Sketchbookin10 Facebook group for inspiration, help and advice and to share your work and progress.

  • Pre-course starter worksheet 'How to make your own sewn hand-bound  sketchbook'

Laying the Grounds
Create a mixed media sketchbook £85
4 weeks online workshop 
Next courses start in June 2020
  • Optional: Mixed Media Artist Toolkit £35 incl.postage (UK only) 

  • This kit includes a fabulous eclectic mix of fabric, papers, vintage papers, ephemera collage materials, A5 spiral bound artist sketchbook, PVA, brushes set, watercolour paint tin, card and greyboard to make a zine, fine line artist pens, pencils,coloured pencils, printing ink and basic tools with everything you need to get you started. 


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Karin Harris
Online Art workshops
Keep an eye out for more courses coming shortly....

  • How to use photography to give yourself those mindful moments. Photography is a great stress buster and in fact all creative making and doing can work its magic on your mental well-being.

  • How to make a digital darkroom and process your film from an analogue camera in your own home on a very low budget. 

  • How to make artist books, zines and fold up books. 

  • How to get started with social media and set up a Facebook Page, website and attracting your audience.


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