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Welcome to doTERRA, changing the world  one drop at a time.              Duration: 4.44
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A 3 minute video validating why our oils are the best in the world.              Duration: 3.34

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Karin Harris EAA CCHH 

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser

Aromatouch Massage Therapist

Registered Therapist with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine IPHM

Watch from the comfort of your own home on your phone, ipad, laptop etc.  Lots of information about essential oils, how they are produced, what is so special about them, how to get the right oil for your needs and what to look for when purchasing so that you know you are getting 100% pure oil. Lots more info included too. 

It is an information class and there is no obligation to buy. 

We also include information about opening an account to benefit from discounts and how you can run it as a business or to compliment an existing business that you might have in the health & wellness industry. 

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